Red Hot Penny Shares


The profit exploding investment brokers refuse to tell you about... Capable of turning a mere R10,000 into R1,190,000!

Here's how to book double and triple-digit gains from the opportunity no one talks about...

Dear Reader,

This could be the only investment capable of turning a little R10,000 into extraordinary wealth.

As some in the financial media pointed out, "[This investment class] gets so little attention... that you STILL have the opportunity to find some hidden gems."

And the real beauty of this opportunity is that you can get started with as little as R10,000.

Yet the fact remains that your broker is practically 'forbidden' from recommending this investment to you.

Why? Because the investing elite know the reason this investment makes them so much money is because of its exclusivity – and that too much attention might 'water down' their quadruple-digit returns.

Even professional investors like Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett aren't anxious to share this extraordinary investment with everyone.

But I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity...

And to assure that you don't, I've uncovered a way for everyday individuals who don't have millions to take advantage of this opportunity now – starting with just R10,000.

What's great is it doesn't require wealth to profit from this investment.

No special accounts are needed, either. There's no minimum investment required... and you don't need any special pass codes to get started.

And once you know how to make these trades, and because the upside is so tremendous – if you find just one winner – the gains could be staggering.

Here's How Much the Top Performers for 2018 Handed Investors while the JSE Top 40 dropped 14%:

To Put this into Perspective...

That’s a 320% cumulative gain from these five trades alone

Imagine making enough money, in just two years, to pay for your child’s education, buy a fancy car or go on an exotic holiday – thanks to a few savvy trades.

After today, you won’t have to imagine any longer...

I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity…

And to make sure you don’t, I’ve uncovered a way for everyday individuals who don’t have millions to take advantage of this opportunity now – starting with just R10,000.

I’ve written this report to show you exactly how to get started… And to give you complete details on the hottest plays that could EACH hand you at least as much as 103% -  in less than 12 months.

So what exactly is this investment opportunity? Why do the investing elite keep it from you? And can it really turn R10,000 into something truly significant?

The answers are in this letter...

So What Exactly is This Investment?


As you may have guessed, it's a certain kind of share.

But it doesn't perform anything like a 'regular' share.

This class of shares moves 10 to 20 times faster than regular shares.

Investors can pocket lightning-fast double- and triple-digit gains in a single day.

But here's the thing...

When most investors hear about these 'high-flying shares,' they immediately think 'high risk.'

But I’ve uncovered a way to pinpoint these shares – that makes these explosive little shares less risky than the safest blue chips and potentially 10-times more profitable – with stealth-like accuracy.

R10,000 into R1.19 Million?

I need to be clear…

It’s not likely just one R10,000 trade will make you over R1.19 million.

But put a string of winning trades together and roll the money from one play to another – and you’ll soon see how your gains will add up…

Let me explain...

You could have invested R10,000 into a small JSE listed company called Santova and booked a 262.39% return… That would have quickly turned your initial stake into R36,238.

Nice, but that's not life changing - yet.

A Strategy That Makes Sense

My process screens for companies exhibiting some, if not all of these characteristics:

  1. Earnings growth > 50% (and accelerating)

  2.  Revenue growth > 30% (and accelerating)

  3. PEG Ratio < 1.50

  4. Debt-to-equity < 0.5

  5. Current-ratio > 1

  6. Return-on-equity > 20%

  7. Management ownership of share > 10%

  8. Double-digit (and increasing) profit margins

  9. Market size of R5 billion or more

  10. Institutional accumulation

Then if you had rolled your R36,238 into a little known company called Conduit Capital you could’ve made a 163% gain 8 months later... Enough to grow your investment to R95.493.

If you had rolled your money into mining company, Insimbi, you could have shot your initial investment up to R204,628 with a 114% gain in 5 months.
And if you had invested these profits in Silverbridge, you could’ve made a quick 134% in four months – and that would’ve taken your capital to R478,831.
If you had put that windfall into Trustco, you’d have collected a sweet 51%, and rolled that straight into Merafe, this would have taken your initial R10,000 stake all the way to a nest egg worth R1,190,000!  
This real example shows you how gains from penny shares could have catapulted a mere R10,000 investment to over R1.19 million… Simply by rolling your money from play to play.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that a string of trades like this will happen again tomorrow, but it is possible…

In fact, the explosive shares I’ve hand-picked for you today each have the potential to boost your account by at least 100% in the next 12 months.

As you probably figured out, I’m talking about a certain kind of penny share. And I’ll admit that many penny shares are garbage. But I don’t buy just any penny share. That’s a risky game.

My technique is entirely different than anything you’ve likely seen.

There’s no hunches. No guesswork. And I never act on hot tips or hyped-up emails.

In short, I hone in on tomorrow’s big gainers with pinpoint accuracy – using my robust, rigorous and completely proprietary PowA! Penny Share screening process. (See sidebar to the right for full details.)

By doing this, I drill down and target a very specific ‘sub niche’ of penny shares.

One that’s almost always profitable.

It’s a certain kind of penny share that meets very specific criteria.

  Try Red Hot Penny Shares for three months risk-free

Introducing PowA! Penny Shares

Fact is, my revolutionary screening method – which I have spent 9 years perfecting – lets me identify PowA! penny shares that can hand you astounding gains no matter what the market does.

My process is so effective because it doesn’t merely focus on the upside. That’s the risky way to invest in penny shares.

It also focuses on the downside.

You see, it weeds out risky shares, too. It does so by targeting factors such as significantly leveraged balance sheets or pending legal problems that can undercut growth and the share price.

This is why I believe that these penny shares are one of the safest and easiest ways for you to get rich in the market today.

So how big could your returns be this year?

Make Explosive Gains in 2019

This strategy is great because it lets you place low-stake, well-researched ‘bets’ on the future of South Africa.

The companies my strategy uncovers have the vision and drive to become the next Microsofts, Massmarts, Nikes and Mr Prices of the world.

Here’s a peek at three opportunities that could make you very rich in the coming year:

Circle this date in your diary... 28th February 2019
This marks the day this airline could DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in just 18 months!

This little company has made profits every single year for the last 72 years!

And by 28 February 2019 it will cement this position even further.

You see the company is starting its fleet renewal. But it's not buying just any old plane. It will be the first airline on the African continent to use this particular aircraft.

And on the 28th February 2019, this airline will take delivery of the first of eight of these super-efficient planes that will transform the company and make it 33% more

This news wasn’t noticed by many investors, but it won’t be long before the mainstream catches on.

So there’s no better time to invest in this company than right now before the rush.

I’d like to share this little South African company… But to take advantage of this you’ll have to get in fast to potentially double your money in 18 months...

Now, as I said at the beginning of this letter, I’ve put together a special report  - ''Invest for Profit 2019 Blueprint" and it includes in-depth profiles on ALL the stocks I want to tell you about today… Including this little gem.
Inside, you’ll find all my detailed research. I’ll give you reasons why I think each of the companies I want to tell you about could be positioned for big profits… A breakdown of how I arrived at each percentage forecast… And crucially, I’ll tell you how you can access their names and ticker symbols so you can invest in them immediately.
To take advantage of the potential this company offers, all you need to do is accept my invitation by clicking the button below and you could double your money within the year.
  Try Red Hot Penny Shares for three months risk-free

And then there’s my next find… A tiny company with big plans, and even bigger profit potential…


Gold's $100 rally could make  you 113% return this year!!!

Gold just had one of its biggest rallies in the last decade.
The shiny metal shot up from $1,199 on 13 November 2018 to $1,300 on 4 January 2019!
This has solidly positioned it as the “go-to” investment of 2019 with investors realizing that gold is ‘safe money’.
It’s all thanks to a deteriorating worldwide outlook and very little chance the Federal Reserve will hike interest rates.
And there’s these factors too… Indicators gauging US manufacturing sank the most since the 2008 recession and Apple (the world’s most valuable company) cut its revenue outlook, fueling concern the trade war with China is taking a bigger-than-expected toll on growth.
Simply put – the rally in the gold price is here to stay.
My money bet is not on gold though… But rather a gold miner with a super profitable gold project that’s just come online.
And that’s why I’d like to send you details of this sweet little gold mining company, set to double your money in the coming year!
It’s the perfect Triple Digit Profit Play!

To make sure you're in for the ride, claim your free report - My ''Invest for Profit 2019 Blueprint "- Now.

Inside, you'll get every detail about this company plus four more!

  Try Red Hot Penny Shares for three months risk-free

Your Red Hot Penny Shares introduction kit will turn you into a bona fide share expert - and you can claim it RISK-FREE!

In all likelihood, you won't hear about these companies on CNBC or see them in the pages of Fortune, Forbes, or Financial Mail. But I believe these tiny companies could return many times your money this year.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if one of these four companies becomes the most profitable share we ever recommend.

Of course, I can't guarantee that every trade will be a winner, and even my PowA! penny shares involve some risk. But by investing just R5,000 to R10,000 at a time, my losses are always minimal.

And because just a R10,000 investment lets you control large blocks of shares... even the slightest jump in price can hand you a windfall.

Right now is the perfect time to invest in these penny shares!

Five Traits of a Penny Share Winner

With all great wealth comes a great story.

When I latch onto a company with a great story, I identify telltale signs of success that virtually guarantees huge profits for early-in investors. For instance...

It's innovative. All great companies are innovators. They change business, and virtually eliminate competition. Think about how many companies Mr Price, MacDonalds and Microsoft have put out of business... and how profitable they've been for investors.

It's unleashing a 'disruptive' technology. Disruptive technologies create new industries, and shake up the way business is done. These little companies with new patents make it almost impossible for competition to get in on the action for years.

There's a catalyst. A coming event can send a tiny share through the roof. Imagine owning a tiny pharmaceutical ahead of drug approval... or a little software company before a major takeover. These future events can make investors ridiculously wealthy.

It's reasonably cheap. Often shares trading as penny shares don't deserve to be. Sometimes an analyst downgrade, a lawsuit, or just bad press can cause a share to plummet. By sifting through the wreckage we can find shares ready to bounce back and hand shareholders huge gains.

The TRUTH! The 'truth' is something you can't find reading annual reports or doing online searches. It's something only years of experience can determine. I often visit corporate headquarters, meet corporate executives and ask tough questions. Only then can I determine if a company is true to its word and poised for success.

Because with gigantic gains in your portfolio you could definitely make up any losses from the last couple of years – and then some!

Revolutionary New PowA! Portfolio Tracks the Hottest Penny Shares

As you may know – asset allocation models are flawed.

They’re flawed because they rarely recommend exposure to small penny shares, which hold the greatest potential for huge gains.

Think about it. Almost every portfolio allocation on the planet recommends holding large caps, foreign shares, bonds, precious metals and real estate.

Yet, none of these investments are known for producing gigantic returns. Instead, they typically earn whatever the market as a whole is yielding (plus or minus a few percentage points).

That’s a fast route to nowhere. And exactly why I created a portfolio that exclusively singles out the most compelling penny share companies.

It's called the PowA! Penny Share Portfolio.

And it offers you a safe way to invest in the profit exploding shares brokers are ‘forbidden’ from recommending

  Try Red Hot Penny Shares for three months risk-free 

Less Risk...Higher Returns

When I make a recommendation, it's super easy for you because I always give you the level of risk involved.

My risk levels ranges between low, medium and high.

As a general rule I encourage you to limit your investment in a share I declare ‘high risk’ to R5,000.  

I also recommend R5,000 as the entry level investment in any company simply because of the costs involved in buying and selling a share.

Of course, you might decide to invest more money in each recommendation too, no one's stopping you.

But that’s what's so great – you can get started with very little. And it's likely you'll be playing with the houses' money after just a trade or two.

Bottom line: You could book explosive gains on the next five shares I add to the PowA! Portfolio just days from now.

Which brings me to why I'm writing you today...

I've prepared a detailed report on the five PowA! Penny Shares I mentioned earlier, and I'd like to rush it to you right away.

It's called 'Invest for Profit 2019 Blueprint'. Here's why I'd like to send you this research free of charge...


What's My Secret to Finding Tiny Shares Ahead of the Crowd?

My name is Francois Joubert.

I started out several years ago as a rookie private investor, embracing Benjamin Graham’s ‘value investing’ strategy. I soon discovered that though his 60 year teachings were still valid, they had to be adapted to suit our particular penny share market.

So over the last 9 years, I have spent thousands of hours honing my own unique PowA! penny share screening system that today has personally yielded me winners 60% of the time.

So far, my PowA! penny share  system has delivered gains like 98% on Silverbridge, 68% on Insimbi, 47% on Pan Af and a fantastic 129.81% on Conduit Capital.

And all of these gains in less than a year!

Now I use it to pinpoint winners for my progressive investment advisory letter called Red Hot Penny Shares.

Each month my readers get the inside scoop on innovative small-cap companies long before they ever register a blip on the JSE’s radar.

In short, I isolate little companies doubling profits... operating in multi-million rand industries... with little or no competition.

Companies destined to soar higher no matter what's happening with housing, the economy, or the share market.

I track these companies in our PowA! Portfolio – it's the only portfolio of small-cap recommendations that solely tracks genuine business innovation.

Some recently closed winners include…

Red Hot Penny Shares readers have come to expect gains like these time and again.

But we expect bigger returns from our new PowA! Portfolio – and the shares we just uncovered.

In fact, the gains could be a heck of a lot bigger.

Here's a preview of what you can expect....


We all love discounts…
And right now, this property company is offering the mother of all sales…
A 72% discount to its real value but only while ‘stock’ lasts

Investors negative on property simply haven’t noticed the value the company presents to investors yet…

The company trades on a PE ratio of only 2.78 and the assets it holds are worth nearly twice its current share price!

It’s just signed a R100 million deal that secures it profits – even in the tightest of economic situations…

I really urge you to get all the information on this stock NOW… Because if everything runs as planned, you can bet that very soon everybody is going to want a piece of it!

You can get full details on all of these Triple Digit Profit Plays when you sign up to become a member of Red Hot Penny Shares, which I'll explain in a moment.

Triple-Digit Gains... It's Possible

Finding quality penny shares is no small task.

But as you'll see, Red Hot Penny Shares has helped readers cash in on countless opportunities over the years.

For example…

477% on CZA

221% on SNV

270% on PAN

114% on ANS

208% on SAN

241% on MML  

164% on WEA 

112% on ACC

208% on ADI

116% on ACT

1,118% on ADW

207% on ADI

130% on CND

130% on DRD

156% on AFO

148% on ATR

105% on CGR

167% on ESR

215% on POY

400% on BNT

And now the general public can access the PowA! Portfolio... and you have the rare opportunity to be among the first.

Keep in mind, timing these opportunities perfectly is critical. If you hesitate, you risk the chance of too many people getting in and share prices running up.

You see, unlike ETFs, unit trusts and blue-chip shares, as volume on penny shares increases, shares can soar.

But you don't have to worry about all of the details of how this strategy works, or the timing of when to make a trade – that's our job.

My research eliminates all the guesswork for you.

All you have to do is check your newsletter... learn what I’m focused on... decide if you want to follow the recommendations and how much you want to invest... and wait for the quadruple-digit gains to come in.

Then do it again... and again... and again.

You'll get full details on all these penny shares in 'Invest for Profit 2019 Blueprint'.

You'll receive this report free, just for trying our research.

But there's something else I'd like to send you free too...

The Investor’s Toolkit to Creating Fabulous Wealth

I have put together another easy to understand report that reveals everything you’ll ever need to know to create fantastic wealth in the stock market.

Plus I have four other essential tools that are yours absolutely free with my research advisory.  More on these in a moment…

  Try Red Hot Penny Shares for three months risk-free

Who We Are... And What We Can Do for You

At Red Hot Penny Shares, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve great wealth.

If you're interested in investing, the amount of money in your account shouldn't hinder the quality of research and recommendations you receive.

In short, our core belief is that everyone striving to amass great wealth should have an equal opportunity to do so.

And Red Hot Penny Shares is a great way to level the playing field and help you get rich.
You see, I specialise in finding under-the-radar investments, capable of handing you market-trouncing performance.

But as you can imagine, singling out these shares takes time... and exhaustive research.

In fact, it typically takes three to six months to identify the next small cap I believe is destined to ride a wave of institutional demand.

If you don't have that kind of time, don't worry...

I Do All the Work for You

We’ve Received This Unsolicited Feedback…

“I have made about R35,000 over the past year all on Red Hot Penny Shares  recommendations!"

HB, Johannesburg

"I've made 114% profit over the last six months!"

Arno van der Merwe, Auckland Park

“I started with a small investment of R20,000 and now it’s grown to R46,000 in 12 months just by following your tips and investing in Red Hot Penny Shares. Thank you."

As Red Hot Penny Share readers know, I do all the work for you.
I started out myself with just R15,000 and grew my portfolio eightfold in three years.
Today I bring you my unique experience and my formidable PowA! penny share screening system that I use to uncover those tiny companies that are on the brink of unleashing massive ‘value.

And I deliver these results to you every month in my fast-paced investment advisory letter called Red Hot Penny Shares.

As we speak, I’m scouring earnings reports, talking with venture capitalists, private equity shops, and conducting on-the-ground due diligence on over 10 other potential opportunities.

And the only way to find out about these shares – and all future opportunities we uncover – is to join Red Hot Penny Shares.

Reading Red Hot Penny Shares can help make you a much richer and smarter person.

But don't take my word for it. Here are a few recent comments my readers just sent us...

Our Readers Are Getting Rich

“I'm fascinated on how the stock market works. RHPS taught me how to be in control of my own investments and still learning from your tips. Total return for the past 5 yrs - 249%
- M. Robinson

“Keep up the good work. I would even recommend that you should promote and associate your publication to top Schools and Universities to promote and encourage the understanding the working of the stock exchange.
- M. Millan, Johannesburg.

“I am 33 years old and inherited R100,000. My aim is to invest it in such a way that I can retire before age 55. With the help of RHPS. I am ahead of schedule after only one year and I may be able to retire rich and young.” 
- Ben Joubert. Faunasig.

These are just a few of the emails I get each month from my readers. Yes, I do get an occasional email letting us know "how I can do better" but the majority of my letters read like these.

That's because my readers get well-researched recommendations and have the opportunity to make more money than they could ever get from a TV 'guru' or the financial papers.

There's too many to list here.

My point is: Red Hot Penny Shares unearths companies long before they become mainstream news.

Before I give you details on how to get started, I must be 100% honest with you…

Why This Opportunity May Not Be Right for You

Sorry for being blunt, but Red Hot Penny Shares is not for everyone.

I don't recommend boring dividend-paying blue chips... or stodgy non-cyclical shares... bonds... or classic value shares. That's not my style...

Instead, I focus on unearthing the market's fastest-growing, most cutting-edge companies. Companies suited for aggressive and opportunistic individuals only.

All of my plays trade exclusively on major exchanges... But they tend to be smaller, under-the-radar investments.

In other words, you won't find my recommendations touted in the pages of The Business Day. Not yet at least.

So if you're ready to invest in fast-moving small caps, high-flying options and the most explosive penny shares, one-step ahead of the investment herd, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity...

  Try Red Hot Penny Shares for three months risk-free

Not Just a Newsletter... a Blueprint to Wealth

When you agree to try Red Hot Penny Shares you'll get a complete blueprint– with strategies and investment ideas – so you can build your wealth.

Here's what your subscription includes:

- A confidential monthly report... Every month you'll receive a new report, mailed and emailed to you with the identity of the newest additions to my PowA! Portfolio (months before the herd even has a clue).

- Weekly portfolio updates... These contain in-depth analysis and important updates on shares in our model investing portfolio, plus insights into opportunities we are currently researching.

-Private website access... You'll get your own password so you can log-on to my private website anytime – day or night. Here you'll find a comprehensive overview of my portfolios, all of my recommendations, and a constantly expanding library of special reports on specific, time-sensitive opportunities.

-The MoneyMorning e-letter… One of our most popular broadcasts among subscribers. In it, we give a fast-paced analysis of the markets.

-'Invest for Profit 2019Blueprint'... These three shares are set to rocket in the next 12 months.

-How to Make Money in the Exciting World of Penny Shares report… Everything you need to know about investing in penny shares.

-The Investor’s Toolkit With this report – you'll quickly grasp the tools for evaluating any share – including PE ratios, earnings yield, net asset value, cash flow, and more.

- And more...

The time to put your money to work and make up for previous losses is right now – and that's why you should at least try Red Hot Penny Shares today.

And I've reduced the price to just R1,270 a year for a limited period only.

But by acting today, I'll make this opportunity even better for you...

You Get Almost half off the Listed Price

As I mentioned, the listed price for this fast-moving, wealth-building research is R1,270 a year.

Considering just one of the research reports I'll send could make you thousands of rands, I feel this is very reasonable.

But we're also realistic...

We know these are tough economic times and people are still struggling. And that many people think explosive opportunities like these are risky.

So to remove any barriers and to prove that we can make you much richer – the cost to subscribe is now just R870 for a year. That’s the cost of a nice night out for two.

I think you’ll agree this is a great offer.

But I want to make this a complete no-brainer for you..

  Try Red Hot Penny Shares for three months risk-free

Join Today and Risk Nothing

I know there's a lot of 'hype' in the investment industry. Many other services make big promises, only to under-deliver.

Red Hot Penny Shares is truly are different... and I don't want you to take my word for it.

So here's what I'm doing: Claim your subscription and all of the reports and research, everything.

With the reassurance of a full 90 day money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied with the newsletter and our research, simply cancel within the 90 days and receive a full refund of your subscription fee.

But here's the thing, even if you decide this is not right for you, you keep everything...

YOU KEEP: Special Report #1 'Invest for Profit 2019 Blueprint'

YOU KEEP: Special Report #2 How to Make Money in the Exciting World of Penny Shares

YOU KEEP: Special Report #3 – The Investor’s Toolkit: All you’ll ever need to know about the stock market

But there's another reason to act fast.

This is a Limited Time Offer

The companies revealed in the 'Invest for Profit 2019 Blueprint' have small market caps. If too many investors pile in at the same time, shares could soar.

And I’m not in business to move shares.

If you wait, this offer will be gone.

So if you're interested in discovering the penny shares that could turn R10,000 into windfall profits, then please claim your subscription today.

It takes just three minutes, and it costs only R870.

Just click the order button and I’ll rush you your Red Hot Penny Shares Welcome Kit right away – and give you access to the reports immediately.

I look forward to having you on board for a profitable year ahead.

Here’s to unleashing value,


Francois Joubert
Chief investment strategist
Red Hot Penny Shares

P.S. Keep in mind, this offer has a strict limit. We are only accepting the first 1000 readers who respond to this report. Don't wait another minute, it could mean missing out on life-changing returns. Simply click the order button to take advantage of this opportunity now.

P.P.S. Remember, I am so convinced that Red Hot Penny Shares will boost your wealth up to 10 times... That if you're not 100% thrilled, you can cancel your subscription within our 90 day money-back guarantee period and receive a full refund of your subscription fee.

That way, you risk nothing. And whatever you decide, all of the reports and research you received is yours to keep. Do it now, click the order button!

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As a new member, I will receive:

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